Wednesday, June 27, 2012


We got the main stand built today!!!

Well, almost all the way.  The skeleton is done.  I ended up making the stand a total of 36 inches tall.  This means there's no bending down to look at the tank.  You stand there, and you're looking at it.

A big thank you to Steve and Justin for coming over and helping me put this thing together.  It didn't take us long at all.  This thing is amazingly sturdy.  If anyone would like to build a stand like this one, RocketEngineer  has put together an amazing guide on how to put one of these bad boys together.  So I won't go through it over again.  Next comes skinning the stand!

Friday begins the building and logging of the acrylic frag tank.  I'm real pumped to get started on this and to learn how its done.

I also got a couple more pieces of plumbing soaking to be used.  Very excited with the plumbing layout I've come up with.  Just keeping my fingers crossed that it works out as planned.  It should leave everything removable and serviceable.

Still debating whether I want to get a 1400gph, 1200gph, or 1100gph pump.  All are available to me at reasonable prices.

I've emailed my grandfather about possibly making the side cabinets for me.  He's a far better carpenter than any of us here could hope to be.  So if he takes on the challenge, be prepared to see some amazing work.

Stay tuned for Friday for Acrylic Tank Building Pt1

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