Saturday, June 23, 2012


Last night, Steve (laxb0rder on reefcentral) picked up an Aqua Euro USA 250 skimmer with a busted pump from Tyler (Tyler91913) for free.  This thing is absolutely massive having an 8" diameter and being almost 30" tall.  This may or may not fit in the return chamber of my sump.  If it does not fit, I will need to omit the refugium and stick this guy in the middle chamber.  If that happens I will have to plan a small refugium somewhere.

Also last night I picked up the 1" squid for a great price.  It should be shipped within the next couple days and arrive accordingly.

So now, all that remains is to get three pumps: one for the closed loop (1200gph+) one for the frag tank (400gph) and a new pump for the skimmer (560gph)

Here's a few pictures of the tank.  Sitting in the garage and waiting for me to go buy some more vinegar.  You can see all the 1" tubing in the second picture.  I will probably be removing most of this and re-plumbing something more for my needs.

So now the plan goes as follows...

1. Find and purchase the pump for the closed loop system

2. Finish plans on the stand, and begin collecting the needed plywood and 2x4s

3. Purchase a pump for the skimmer

4. Find and purchase a pump for the frag tank return

Here are a couple pictures of the skimmer and its broken pump.  The pump releases stray voltage into the water, so will need to be replaced.  I haven't found a "fix" online, so a new pump is the solution.

Kris (KRAZE) is going to be building me the acrylic frag tank.  its going to be a shallow 14x14x10 cube with  a corner overflow.  Construction on the tank should start next Friday if everything goes to plan.

Once the acrylic tank is built and paid for. (got an extremely good price quoted) I will be breaking ground on the stand.  I will build the main stand first, FRAG CAB second, and then the ATO CAB to finish it off.  They will all be separate pieces for easy transport in case I ever need to move and/or sell the setup.

Here's a sketch I drew up quickly with a few estimates of sizes..

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