Tuesday, June 26, 2012


A few things have happened since the last post.  The SCWD came in the mail yesterday, thank you Matthewbrian316 of ReefCentral.  I've got it soaking in vinegar right now.

I also gathered all of the 2x4s to build the stand.  Also put together one piece of the puzzle and took a photo for everyone to see.

And here's the pile of lumber for the rest of the stand.

Tomorrow, Steve will be coming over to get the main part of the stand's skeleton built.  I still need to decide on a skin/stain color and a type of trim to put it together.   I shouldn't need too many sheets so I might spend a little extra to get a nicer wood grain.

This weekend I will be building and recording a how-to on building the acrylic tank.  Starting on Friday, it will be a 3 day process to finish it entirely.

So that's just a quick update about what's been going on.  I will be purchasing bulkheads and hopefully pvc fittings soon to get everything plumbed up and waiting for a pump!  If I have the stand skinned and in place, I will actually be able to begin dry rock sculptures.  Which is going to be an entirely new post.

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