Sunday, June 24, 2012


Vinegar, vinegar, and more vinegar.  I used two gallons total to soak every piece of plumbing and the protein skimmer in a 5g bucket, and the tank's inside glass is now SQUEAKY clean.  Shout-out to Justin (justinbt) for getting his elbows wet with me in this large tank.

I drew up a quick sketch to just get my plumbing down on paper
The dark blue box is the pump powering the closed loop
The yellow triangle is the SCWD
Red are pipes going back into the tank
Black are the pipes going to the pump
And in the corner in black are my pipes for the sump (disregarded in the closed loop)

I've also been emailing the wonderful staff over at with a ton of questions about making my own light.  I'm going to be making the light for the frag tank out of just LEDs.  Everything will be mounted on a 9x6" black heatsink. This fixture will have 6 cool white LEDs on a single driver, and 4 royal blue with 2 UV(purple) on another driver.  Each driver will be going into its own 10k Ohm linear potentiometer in a box that looks a little something like this...
(2 Color Dimming Kit from
This will be mounted to the side of the FRAG CAB so it will be easy to dim or brighten them.

Will be breaking ground on the stand after July 4th.  I'm super excited to start actually putting pieces together.  All I've been doing is reading and cleaning.  Just wanna thank everyone who's lent a hand so far yet again.  You all are making this 30x easier.

SCWD will be in this week so stay tuned to pictures of that!

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  1. Looks good! I really like the staff at Rapid LED I bought my DIY fixture from them and it was fairly easy to make, it comes with all of the instructions and everything you need to put it together. :)