Thursday, August 2, 2012

8.2.12 Phew my apologies

Whoa, it has been a long time since I've updated this blog.  Things have slowed down on the upgrades but still making progress.  Well, without further ado, here's what has been going on.

RODI system was installed:
The barrel on the left will hold a heater, and a powerhead.  This will constantly be mixing me saltwater and heating it to 82 degrees.  The barrel on the right holds my fresh RODI water and has a float valve installed to shut off automatically.

This is a Watergeneral RD102 that I've removed the horizontal DI canisters from and added a vertical DI canister.  This should give me longer life in the resins which will save me money in the long run.  I will be hooking up the final waste line tonight and will start making RODI.  I've also added a 100gpd membrane and matching flow restrictor to the mix to have a final outcome of a 100gpd system that will be able to hold 55 gallons of RODI and 55 gallons of premixed saltwater.  

I purchased this panworld 50px-x nickjqz on  It was much smaller in size than I expected it to be and still puts out a nice 1100gph.  That 1100gph flows perfectly through my plumbing that took me 2+months to think up

The flow changes sides every 60 seconds or so and is perfect in that it comes out the top a little bit stronger than the bottom.   Just as I planned it.

I finished a little bit of the stand as well.  It was finished last night so the pictures are absolutely horrid but here they are.  Better ones will follow once I move it inside.

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